Girl Activation Techniques – How To Attract Her Through Text

Woman Texting On Her Smart PhoneLet’s face it, in today’s world almost everything is done over the phone. And, usually, most business (both personal and professional) is conducted via short text messages without even speaking to the other person.

It’s the same, of course, with flirting. And although text messages make having a quick conversation with another person incredibly easy and convenient, it also leaves room for a lot of misunderstandings, miscommunications, and mixed messages.

So, as a man pursuing a woman, you may be wondering how to attract her through text messages. Maybe she’s even an ex and you’re hoping to use text messages to win her back. I won’t focus too much on the “ex” side of things in this article, but if that’s your situation, then check out Text Your Ex Back by Michael Fiore ( Really good stuff!

Despite the relative novelty of texting, there is some good information out there on the best things to say (and how to say them) if you want to attract a member of the fairer sex.

But you’re not looking to read from a script. You’re looking for rules, guidelines, and helpful tips to assist you in crafting your own custom messages, perfectly suited for the girl you have your eye on.

So let’s discuss a few general techniques you can employ while corresponding with your woman over text, instant messenger, etc.

1. Self-deprecation

Women love confident men. Shocker, I know. But nothing says confidence like the ability to make fun of yourself on occasion in a positive, good-natured way.

Throw in a few jokes or funny stories at your own expense, and keep the text conversation light. It’s a great opener to flirtation, too, because it gets her to lower her defenses. Self-deprecation helps her view you as an easy-going, open, honest, and down-to-earth kind of guy.

If you want to attract her through text, then reserve your text conversations for fun stuff and flirting. Avoid having serious or boring and mundane conversations over text.

One of the best ways to attract a woman, whether through text or via any other form of communication, is a sense of humor. It always ranks high on the list of things women look for in men, so keep your texts funny and lighthearted.

2. Teasing

Again, use your sense of humor to give her a hard time. I’m talking about a little bit of playful teasing. You don’t want to make her feel embarrassed, ashamed, miserable, etc. or you’ll just end up scaring her away.

Call her a nerd if she studies all the time or poke a little fun if her phone autocorrects or she mistypes something. For example, if she texts you, “I’m going vamping this weekend” when she meant to type “I’m going camping this weekend”, then reply with something like “Vamping? Really? So like you’re going to go suck blood from people’s necks this weekend? Maybe I shouldn’t be talking to you after all. ;)”

As long as you do it with respect and don’t go overboard, it will go a long way toward making her feel more intimate and comfortable with you. That’s why playful teasing is a great way to attract her through text.

The Girlfriend Activation System (GFAS) has some great tips on texting women. It’s my favorite course for getting good with women, period, but definitely worth checking out if you want to know how to communicate with a woman in a way that makes her totally obsessed with you. I won’t get into the specifics of the program in this article, but there’s a great review of the newest version of the Girlfriend Activation System, GFAS V2, over at if you want to know all about it.

3. DON’T Text Too Often

This has to be included when discussing how to attract women through text messages. Texting too much is a huge mistake many guys make all the time.

When you really like a girl, you may have an inclination to constantly text her. It’s only natural when she’s the one person you think about from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed.

There’s nothing wrong with having her on your mind and wanting to communicate with her, but you have to know your limits and you need self-restraint. One of the worst things you can do is inundate her with text messages and make her feel smothered.

Never send more than two texts in a row if she doesn’t respond, and never send her needy texts like, “Why aren’t you texting me back?” or “Did I do something wrong? You stopped texting me.”

If you make your texting interactions fun and keep them to a minimum, so she never gets as much of you as she really wants, it will greatly amplify her attraction for you. She won’t stop thinking about you. And, remember, if you’re the guy she’s thinking about, then she won’t be thinking about anyone else!